Diagnostics and consultations

In the medical center Grand Marine there is a clinical laboratory and functional diagnostics department (diagnostics and consultations).

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In the medical center there is a clinical laboratory and functional diagnostics department.

Laboratory tests:

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  • general blood and urine analysis
  • biochemical blood analysis ( the so-called liver function tests, kidney tests, diagnostics of diabetes)
  • lipid profile (lipidogram), hormone profile (hormones of thyroid gland, male and female genital hormones)
  • testing of different cancer markers
  • coagulation test
  • immunological tests (including TORCH- infection test)
  • bacteriological tests (genitourinary system organs of men and women, rhinopharynx of children and adults)
  • cytomorphological tests

The best assistants of a modern doctor have become the procedures which allow objectively to see in proper perspective separate organs and their structure the so-called methods of instrumental and functional diagnostics.

Instrumental diagnostics:

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  • Ultrasound scan of organs and systems:
  • abdomen ultrasound
  • nephros ultrasound
  • mammary glands ultrasound
  • thyroid gland ultrasound
  • genitourinary system organs of men and women
  • joints
  • Doppler ultrasonography
  • echocardioscopy (ultrasound scan of heart and vessels)
  • colposcopy (videosystem for cervical examination and diagnostics of its pathology
  • fibrogastroduodenoscopy

Functional diagnostics:

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Functional diagnostics has made such a great progress that practically for every body system there are methods which allow to study it thoroughly.

  • electrocardiography
  • bicycle ergometry (loading test for performance status of cardiac system)
  • holter monitoring (twenty- four hours recording the level of blood pressure and cardiac rhythm)
  • spirography (pulmonary function test)


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